What Makes Me the Right Choice?


Over a decade working professionally  in magic, in every environment, from corporate dinners to weddings to nightclubs to a year as head magician and manager for the UK's prestigious Illusions Magic Bar has given me the skills and adaptability to ensure your event entertainment will be in safe, capable hands.

My, ahem, unique sense of humour shines through in performance, yet I always ensure the magic itself  is strong and powerful enough to stand  on its own. What you will NOT find in my style is the element of cheese sometimes associated with magic, my performances are modern and audience appropriate.

Satisfied past clients range from Centrica Energy, Scania, Grosvenor Casinos & The Royal Navy to hundreds of happily married couples and I have enjoyed adding to each and every event.

If that's not enough, look at that picture, how do I fit so much sexy in? I couldn't possibly tell you.