So it's Your Big Day!

Congratulations! Not only are you about to enjoy the happiest day of your life but you've managed to find the exact right place to go for your wedding entertainment. Live magic is a rarely experienced art form that is ideal for all ages and a good, experienced magician at your wedding can keep everyone entertained and occupied, without demanding any attention from you, all for probalby around half what your cake cost you!

So, add a touch of magic to your specia....oh god that's cheesy, your day is magical enough right? You're getting married! Read on to discover the REAL benefits of my performance...

You want your wedding to go smoothly right?

You know those two great aunts that only meet at weddings and politely hate each other? THAT uncle that will drink the open bar dry?

The kids you had to invite that are going to be rocketing around the dance floor like sugar crazed hamsters?

The magician is someone to entertain them all and allow you to get on with your day. Something fun to talk about to bring people together while essentially shepherding your guests for you!

So in essence booking a skilled wedding magician means a trouble free, original entertainment, of interest to everyone, requiring no babysitting but corralling your guests for you.  Starting to sound good now right?